I see so so much I hear people s thoughts I feel their feelings Very little gets past me Sometimes I know what someone is going to think before they think it

I see so so much. I hear people's thoughts. I feel their feelings. Very little gets past me. Sometimes I know what someone is going to think before they think it. I believe I honed this ability through growing up in an environment of high anxiety, physical abuse, violence and dictatorship (and my childhood was also very magical and filled with a lot of love too. Paradox). When you are a witness to all those things you get a masters level training in noticing things that most people don't, your survival depends on it.
The funny thing is, I speak only 40% of what I see out loud. Sometimes people aren't ready to hear it. Don't want to hear it. Don't want to be woken up.
Oh the things I see and never say anything about... they could fill
Books. And they will. They already are.
And sometimes I see things and know I have to keep quiet and wait until years and years later when it finally comes out. I've kept things I have seen clearly about people in my heart for years.
Once there was a neighbor who was great friends with my parents. I told my father the minute I spent time around him that I did not like him. That he was not an honest person and that he had a "wobble" inside of him. I was told I was being silly and dramatic,
10 years later he turned out to be a racist, a high level narcissist manipulator and he turned 20 neighbors against my father-- the man who he had run 6 miles every morning with praying the rosary.
For all my fellow seers, I know all the things you keep to yourself bc there is a timing to certain reveals. And I get it.
The hardest part of being a seer is the mastery of it, and the mastery of it requires:
• releasing attachment to being "right" about what you see
• learning to keep your mouth shut bc not everyone is ready to hear what you see
• learning the nuanced dance of timing-- when to reveal what you see (that alone is a masters degree in and of itself).
Shoutout to my fellow seers ? I see you. Let us nod to each other knowingly with a twinkle in our eye and carry on in this ancient art of seeing and witnessing.

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